Leader Health

The society

Our mission is to promote hospital management efficiency and quality of care by improving Leadership and by leveraging the enlightened use of IT, digital technologies in all its forms including robotics and advanced automation.

Customers and market

Our customers are mainly Directions of hospital, Executive councils, Health authorities and Industry of Health care. We work in public hospitals and private sector, university hospitals or community hospitals. Since 2013 we work also in nursing home and the establishments for elderly people to improve the use of IT in this very important sector.

Our Team

More than 50 International experts… Mostly in activity in famous hospitals (CEO, Directors, CIO, CMIO, MD, Engineers, Chief of nurses etc.) in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Middle East, Norway, Spain, USA, Sweden, Switzerland…


Hospital ONE

The companies KARL STORZ Medplan, Leader Health Geneva and AIA SWISS have signed the Hospital-ONE’s partnership, 2016 in Tuttlingen (Germany) 26th of July.

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Hôpital du futur - Leader Health

There is talk of Leader Health on the future Hospital: 3 questions for Thierry Courbis in Architecture Chronicles

What funding model? What models abroad? What are France obstacles to the development of the digital hospital? Thierry Courbis has practiced for over 20 years in France and abroad in all areas of large hospitals Branch. He is now CEO of Leader Health, a consulting and strategic assistance to specialized Project Management including digital processing

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Digital Hospital

Digital Hospital

There is talk of Leader Health : a review article published in Finance Hospitallers . And if the performance was going through a digital transformation in depth? And if the digital hospital became the next obvious in terms of hospital architecture ?

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Leader Health thanked the University Hospitals of Geneva for their confidence.

We will in the coming months with our partners to design a new building dedicated to emergencies in the canton of Geneva and beyond . The goal , transforming the service to make it efficient, to the point of the state of the art and enable work without stopping the activity. A challenge to the

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R & D in Japan, three days to understand the changes and innovations in the world of health Cybernetics . The future is here . What these technologies? Is it a brake to a human hospital , is it an opportunity? The role of Leader Health is launching its lines of inquiry still further, to

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CH Saint Brieuc

The Saint- Brieuc CH wished to increase efficiency by delivering flat throughout its pharmaceutical organization , logistics and IT to integrate automation and digital in its operation.The tandem Adopale Leader Health , already operational in several similar projects won this market, which should enable the CH St Brieuc to be a reference in Britain.

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CHU Poitiers

Leader Health and BRM cabinet were chosen by the Poitiers University Hospital for a strategic audit and an operation “due intelligence” Telemaque , computerized patient record CHU . The expertise of the company in terms of determining a commercial value , accompanying measures for IT asset disposal and the total vis-à- vis the publishers independence

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2014 HANOI 9B

CHU Hanoï

In response to the request of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to support the modernization of Hanoi Medical University (UMH) and the creation of a University Centre in Hanoi Hospitalo (CHUH) on the model of French Hospital, an agreement was signed between the French Development Agency and the Vietnamese Ministry of Investment

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CHU Lariboisière

“Leader Health was selected with Polyprogramme to achieve in record time programming of the new University Hospital Lariboisière (Paris) including a vision” Digital Hospital “. This first performed at the prestigious APHP could open a field new possibilities of the St. Louis Hospital Group Lariboisère Fernard Widal and even have value “pilot project” for other

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Health Leader exhibiting at HIT

Leader Health exhibit at HIT in the “village of architects” could develop before a large audience of professionals concrete its innovative concepts of “digitalization of hospital processes.” The “Digital Hospital” was the “Healing Hospital” the heart of the debate opened by the firm John Paul Pargade before his peers (read the account published by Editions

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Chantier façade, immeuble, construction 2013 grue véhicule

An expert federation helps healthcare institutions to think before thinking digital concrete

<div style=”text-align: justify;”>PARIS, January 22, 2015 (Direct Hospital) – The consulting firm Leader Health has a network of professionals practicing in hospitals, who use their experience to give hospital managers the vision of a hospital “digital thought before be considered concrete “, as part of renovation or reconstruction projects. Founded in 2005 in Switzerland, Council

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A new tender won by LEADER HEALTH for construction of Digital Hospital! CHU CAEN will rebuild on innovative bases: real opening in the territory, coordinated patient circuits, DMS optimized search efficiency, reaffirmed backing for research and teaching. to provide the means of its ambitions, CHU CAEN sought a consulting company capable of helping in the

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Lens moves forward!

After the Louvre, major projects, it is the turn of the venerable Hospital rebuild. The branch wanted to make this transaction a value-added project. The lensoise management team doctors and managers united, sought in new technologies leverage a profound transformation to enable the country to have a high-level hospital, efficient and offering service advantage. This

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Digital Health Camp Strasbourg

This year, Health Leader Partners with Health Hacking Strasbourg camp.

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Karl STORZ Germany

And if a world-class company, recognized for its expertise and quality in materials operating theaters wanted to invest the medium of information systems? And if the OR1 vision promoted by Karl STORZ extended to the whole hospital? From the example of the MIC Klinik in Berlin (Germany) and Strasbourg IHU (FRANCE), Leader Health conducted a

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After helping the association of mental health facilities to imagine a national framework plan for IT Leader Health was selected by the CH Alpes Isère specialized in mental health to develop its information system strategy. Through this successful experience, Leader Health demonstrates its ability to be present in all sectors, public and private, short academic

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Leader Health has been selected by the Grenoble University Hospital Department to assist in the establishment of a new governance of the IT function. Of recruitment assistance to the project owner assistance on complex and sensitive issues, Leader Health demonstrated a high level real added value and a more effective board.

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At the request of the Directorate of the Centre Hospitalier de Lens, Leader Health has helped policy makers, experts and professionals to develop a vision of a new building, designed from high-thinking digital technologies. The future CH Lens, built around the health center of the Grohelle will be the most recent copy of a Digital

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Arab Health

Health Leader is present at Arab Health to benefit its customers an opening to other worlds, other possible. Do not miss: fantastic projects and a vision that stand out by the magnitude of innovative and technology investments.

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Digital Health Camp Strasbourg in March 2014

Thierry Courbis, CEO Leader Health, membre du Jury du 1er Hackathon de France … venez relever les défis de l’innovation en santé et tester vos idées et compétences en 54 heures chrono ! Pour plus d’informations, consultez le site du Digital Health Camp: http://digitalhealthcamp.eu

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Putting technology and information systems at the service of accommodation and care for the elderly. This is an ambitious challenge, resolutely open tomorrow LEADER HEALTH wished to raise. By offering its expertise, tailored to the needs of the institutions Social and Medico-social sector, HEALTH LEADER provides a concrete and innovative response. The Solemnes Group, has

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Automation flow

The automation of logistic flow issues is the efficiency of hospital organizations. By refocusing human time on tasks dedicated to the patient, substantially improves the efficiency and perceived quality. Technology today offers modular responses following the needs and situations. LEADER HEALTH conducted a pilot experiment on the website of GOLBEY (Centre Hospitalier Emile Durkheim in

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Montreal Congress

Leader Health is a partner of the Congress “rethink the hospital” in Montreal. Come join us to reflect together, between North America and Europe, the challenges of tomorrow’s hospital. A tight tariff, 1st level speakers, a charming city To register: www.repenserlhopital.com.

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CHU de Montpellier:

Leader Health and Adopale, together take a strategic tender CHU Montpellier to define a modernist vision of the pharmaceutical and logistics circuits. In this CHU “alliance of tradition and innovation” long leader for its logistics, Leader Health will develop an approach coupling its hospital expertise, knowledge of the most advanced technologies in logistics and drug

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Montreal CHU

The company LEADER HEALTH was selected to accompany the CHU University MONTREAL in its information including the design of a Digital Hospital and communicating systems. This beautiful project of more than $ 2.3 billion should have Canadian reference site value in 2016.

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The IHU Strasbourg

Leader Health was selected with Polyprogramme to design the new IHU Strasbourg building (France). The Hospitalo-university institutes were created in the French program “Future Investments”. With a status of foundation, each IHU will combine a university, a health and research institutions. He thus meet in a thematic area, teams of researchers and French and foreign

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